Versatile Cold Spray


The R&D 100 Awards have been one of the most Prestigious international awards for the past 56 years, honoring great R&D pioneers and their revolutionary Ideas in science and technology.

The team of TTEC and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has been honored as a recipient of that award for 2020 for its pioneering Versatile Cold Spray Technology.

The Versatile Cold Spray (VCS) System uses TTEC’s Patented Cold spray nozzle design for deposition of brittle materials. Specifically designed and built for research and prototype development on the cold spray deposition of brittle functional materials, VCS has an operational gas pressure range from 0.3-0.9 MPa, and gas temperatures up to 680ºC.

  • Applications include
    • Soft and hard magnetic materials
    • Electronic materials
    • Semiconductors for energy technology and environmental applications
    • low thermal and electrical conductivity glassy materials

Units are currently operational at TTEC LLC and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories

CONTACT for cost information, system availability, and application licensing information

Easy to use interface and controls

Compact controller design and functionality

Integrated heater safety protection

Compact cold spray head system