Advantages of Additive Manufactured Cold-sprayed Thermoelectric Generators

Supersonic cold-spray technology has not been widely used for the deposition of crystalline materials, and in particular thermoelectric semiconductor materials. TTEC patented and patent pending technology enables the complete additive manufacturing of thermoelectric generator, and thermoelectric cooler systems and a wider range of energy harvesting materials and applications.

  • Why Cold-spray?
    • Semiconductor composition, phase and TE properties maintained
    • TEGs can be applied directly to 3D shaped heat sources
    • All metallic and semiconductor layers can be sequentially sprayed
    • Large area depositions possible
    • Thin layer semiconductor deposition for enhanced power output
    • Micro and nano-structured layered TE materials
    • Improved TEG mechanical and thermal shock resistance
    • Eliminates the need for output limiting solders
    • Unique low-temperature properties
    • Decreased cost per installed watt using a robotic additive manufacturing process
  • Applications
    • Complex shaped industrial process waste heat sources
    • Directly applied IOT power sources
    • Enhanced potential for IC engine applications
    • Thermal sensing
    • Small RTG's
    • Solar power systems enhancement
    • Low-grade waste heat sources

"Versatile Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing opens up a wide range of applications for thermoelectric generator systems in waste heat energy recovery"