TTEC LLC is a Virginia based company focused on developing applications for its patented Versatile Cold Spray technology.

Our patented technology and equipment offers the ability to cold spray a very wide range of brittle functional materials, including electronic material applications, magnetic material applications, smart material applications and energy harvesting and environmental applications.

Coupled with existing metal cold spray technology, VCS technology opens up the broad potential for complete additive manufacturing of a wide range of complex, multi-material and multicomponent devices.

The company is wholly owned by Richard C. Thuss, a former executive in General Electric and ITT Industries Space and Defense businesses. Mr. Thuss spent nearly twenty years working on NASA planetary exploration programs, including the Pioneer Venus and Galileo Jupiter Missions, and more than two decades supporting U.S. Intelligence organizations.

TTEC is actively looking for government and corporate partners to continue the research covered by its existing patents and proprietary processes in order to rapidly bring these innovations to the marketplace. Whether it's addressing the multi-trillion dollar global waste heat problem, improving the efficiency of permanent magnet motors or additive manufacturing complex functional material devices; TTECs Versatile Cold Spray technology can be a major enabler in the solution.